September 3, 2008

My New Hot Pink Chair!

I'm just in love with this chair! I bought it today at one of my favorite stores Spurs. I had been eyeing it for months, and every so often on my lunch I'd go in the store to visit the girls and sit in *my chair*. Well, this afternoon, they tracked down my phone number at work to call me and let me know it was on sale! Isn't that phenomenal Customer Service?!?

On another note, I wanted to thank Kristine for creating my new banner. I absolutely love it!!! I sent her photos of a few of my paintings and she worked some of her computer guru magic!

I'm hoping to have some scrappy goodness to post for tomorrow, until then...

1 comment:

Kristine Davidson said...

Steph, that chair is awesome!! OMG!!! we need to have a photo shoot with this chair and the cats LOL!!!!
love it!!