June 14, 2009

Gallery and Blinky Contest Winners!!!

I'm back from vacation and WOWSERS! I can't believe how many people applied for the DT Team this term! Every time Dave and I went past an Apple store in London we stopped in so I could check my email and transfer some of the larger files to a secondary email addy LOL (No wireless internet service available at the hotel...Gasp!) I'm still going through them, hope to have my decision made by tomorrow....its so difficult to choose!!!

In the meantime, the contest winners for this month are:

Gallery contest winner: Darlene*d
Blinky contest winner: Aphra

Please send me your addresses and I'll have them in the mail tomorrow morning :)



aphra said...

Woo hooo! Fun stuff. Thanks, Steph!

Sara said...

Congrats to the winners and great to have you back with the internet :)


Kathleen said...

Congrats!! And soooo not surprised u had so many apply, have fun choosing :)

Darlene D said...

Wow, Thanks Steph! Don't know how I missed this post.