August 3, 2009

New Pins, New Buttons, New Packaging!!!

As some of you know, I'm trying to get my house ready to sell...and well, what does one do when your house is pure chaos and you have to wait for the paint on the walls to dry (literally!)....You make new Whimsy Buttons and Embellies!

My house is crazy colorful ( see personal Blog for photos ) and the Real Estate agent tried her best to keep a straight face while telling me I should really paint my walls a normal color (IE: Boring Beige) and so that's what I've been doing....As of today, my kitchen is no longer hot pink *sigh* However... the upside is in between the painting, I've been busy in the Whimsy shop! Here are a few things I've been working on this week! Soft Yellow is my new fav color...and look at those tiny kitties! (Dogs to be made this coming week) Oh....and Green and Yellow Pears!

Here is my pin storage...the guys at work donated this big piece of foam (to ship routers/switches) I cut it in half, so one is for drying after I've glazed it, and the other is for storage before packing them up...So I'm no longer poking myself when getting my orders ready! Yay!

And finally, here is the brand new Whimsy packaging that the UBER Talented Kristine has created for me...I'm loving it!!! Big shout out to K, she never ceases to amaze me!

That's it for now!


Tara said...

Kristine rocks!! Just love her and her work.
Although I am saddend that you have to paint your adorable house beige... I am excited to see you transform your future home. lol

Sandra said...

Your new packaging is so cute! Kristine does a great job no matter what project she does. Will be sad to see you move :(

Kristine said...

um ya... no wonder you didn't have time to come over and scrap!!! love the new buttons, and pins! ... might need a little treat soon hahah!!!

Chantal said...

I love them...WTG Kristine!!!!