October 31, 2009

An Update

Hi Folks! My apologies for the delinquent updating of the blog....I'm just in the middle of the move to Halifax, 12hrs until we hit the road! I have butterflies I'm so excited and nervous! (excited to see Dave, nervous for the cats, they HATE the car and this will be 4 hours of torture!)

The Whimsy shop will remain open and active, just keep in mind that I may not be able to ship anything out until next week... I don't even know where the closest post office is to Dave's! This should be interesting! LOL

I'm keeping the contest (below) open until I'm settled into the house and have the button making shop organized and sorted (Nov 10th-ish I hope), so keep posting the links to your Whimsy creations!

hugs to you all

1 comment:

Aphra said...

Pears? Cupcakes? Did I see some of that? Holy Smoly.....CA-ute! After I see what I get from So Sketchy! for the DT, I'll be ordering some goodies from the store. LOVE it all, Stephanie!