March 24, 2010

Getting to know MLBOW DT Frances Sylvia!

Hi folks!
Frances was kind enough to answer my questions a few weeks ago, these are always to much fun!

How long have you been scrapbooking?

I officially started scrapbooking at the birth of my first daughter in 2001. It all began at a Creative Memories party where I spent way too much money, but I was diving in! From there, in 2005 I my BFF and she introduced me to the other spectrum of retail scrapbooking products...boy my bank account has been in trouble ever since!

What is your favourite color combination?

I would have to say that over all I love bright turquoise, red, orange, yellow...kinda random.

What is your favorite scrappy technique?

Right at this moment I am in absolute LOVE with making my own embellishments. I love creating something from nothing!

What is your biggest inspiration?

Hands down, my family. My process begins with a cute pic and just grows from there. Patterned paper plays a close 2nd.

Describe your style:

I hate this question...cause I really don't know. What I do know is that I love to layer, but I am not shabby. I love vintage, but not distressed. I love bright colors, with an occasional muted tone. See what I am saying...I don't really know! How about style is to roll with it! I do whatever makes me smile when I am sitting at my craft table!

What is one thing you can't do a layout without?

Buttons...buttons...and more buttons! They are just the sweetest embellies (especially MLBOW buttons...hehe)!

Are you a messy or organized Scrapbooker?

Well, I begin organized, but as I work on a project a pile mysteriously grows in the corner of my craft table. Once I am finished, everything makes its way back to its designated a little of both I guess.

How long does it take for you to finish a layout?

It just depends. I have really tried this past year to stop putting parameters on my creativity. I just try to roll with it! So at times it may take 4 hours to 2 doesn't matter to me, just love the time I get to spend enjoying my hobby!

What music are you listening to, right now?

Lovin some Jay Z Empire State , everything Lady Antebellum, and always Van Morrison...also, pretty random.

What is your favourite Movie (s) (I have more than one, you may as well)

All time...Steel Magnolias. There is just something about some fiesty Southern women that amuses me, and not to mention you get a good cry in at the end of the movie...I just love being a girl!

Thanks for stopping by!


Lydia said...

Love that layout such a creative way to do a title!! I love francis's work!!

Kim said...

thanks for that great interview, I too love Francis's style

cindy said...

I adore your LO. You are super talented:)