April 7, 2010

Before there was the Whimsy Shop...

There were Christmas ornaments and fridge magnets! That's right!

Here is a throwback circa 2004 to my first attempts with polymer clay....I was really into jewelry making back then, and had wanted to make some funky pumpkin beads for a Customer's Halloween bracelet, instead I made these cute critters for myself LOL
I was unpacking a few more boxes last night and came across them, although I can see all the *wrong techniques* in them now, I still love them! They were all inspired by Amy Caswell, a phenomenally talented lampwork glass artist (especially the kitty in the tree who is missing a paw after all these years!)
Look out for her auctions on Ebay, they go very quickly!!! I was fortunate to win two bids a few years ago...and I'm thinking I may need some new earrings ;)


Kim said...

so so so cute Stephanie

Zoe said...

OMW how cute!

Frances said...

These are sooo cute Steph!

Tanya said...

these are sweet!