June 28, 2010

I'm still here....

My apologies for not being around, I was just taking some time to regroup and get back to the whole reason why I started this little shop of mine in the first place :)

This post by the super fab Jen Gray has been on my mind lately...

"get back to the place of when you created something just because it just made you feel better.
when the scent of crayolas or the feel of clay in your little hands was enough ~ " Jen Gray

(reposted with written permission by author)

I've really made the effort to create when the mood strikes this month, and not put so many unrealistic (not to mention self-imposed) time constraints or schedules upon myself. There have been some copyright issues that I've been trying to deal with and process, and its really gotten me down.

I'm still uncertain as to my next course of action, I need to find the balance of being true to myself and my work, but also not bringing on extra drama in my life. (as you can probably tell, this has been weighing on me)

I think the first step is to publish this blog posting that has been in draft format for over a week, with the ask of this:

Please be original. Please do not copy my Whimsy designs with the intention of selling them. I work very hard on my designs and to see them copied and then in other shops just breaks my heart and takes the fun out of it for me.



Frances said...

I am sooo sorry Steph! It really sucks that you are in the dumps...please know that you are super fab and I just love, love you to pieces!

Julie said...

I can only imagine how this would make you feel after working so hard at something and coming up with new and creative pieces.I think that you can get some sort of copyright thing for your blog and shop.I have seen them on other ones.Well I hope that whoever it is realizes that you were the first to do it,and the best!

tanyal said...

What a bummer...I hope things get sorted out without much drama and that you continue to create your adorable, lovely buttons! Your whole button business is an inspiration and I love 'em!

Kathleen said...

well said, fingers crossed the message gets through :(


Kim said...

here here....I still loves ya..I use ya pins on almost every layout I do, hope things look up for you soon

Zoe said...

Oh No Hunny I am sorry! I remember you mentioned something like this to me before!
The reason people fall in love with MLBOW is because the little critters are so unique, you give each little project personality. I'm so sad that this has got you down and I hope the message gets across.
If you ever need to vent feel free to drop me a line! HUGS xxx

Lydia said...

Ditto, same as all the other gals, I am so sorry to hear this. I hope the message gets through and I hope you can find happy mojo again. Love your critters!!

Stacey Young said...

Steph, you are one of a kind and you know how much I love your cuties:):) Sorry to hear about all this and I hope you find your happiness again soon......keep smiling:):)

Shell said...

Steph, I was just catching up on all things 'Whimsy' when I came accross this post.
I too have had similar issues with my handmade embellishments and felt especially hurt and upset as it was a friend that decided to replicate my designs.
I felt just the same as you and wondered WHY? should I bother anymore as I aim to make my buttons unique.
All I can say is, stay 'true' to your artistic integrity and be proud that you have enough imagination to be a leader and not a follower. HTH.
Shell x