July 14, 2010

New Items in the Whimsy Shop!

Hi folks!
Here are a few items I've uploaded in the shop this week, and I still have at least another night of photo taking and posting left :)

Look at my new toy....Pentax Macro Lens 100mm I've been having so much fun with it! Taking my Whimsy photos is sooo much easier now! I've always wanted one to play around with, so the Whimsy *excuse* was a good fit hehe

I can't wait for the next nice calm day (when it isn't raining!!!) and I can go out to take some nature shots. I attempted a few of our tiger lilies but it was so windy, one slight movement and the shot is out of focus (tripod is a must)

Hope you like some of the new goodies!
Stay tuned, I should have the next batch uploaded by Friday :)


Jerusha said...

I MUST have that pink and green set. LOVE IT!!

Frances said...

Stephanie!! These are sooo great...I am loving the swirly buttons!

Tanya said...

Oh Steph!!! they are yummalicious!! xoxoxo