July 25, 2010

Sketch Challenge Deadline is extended!!!

Wahooo! I decided to extend this super cool sketch challenge until Wed....because, well, because I'm the boss and I can do that kind of thing LOL

C'mon, give the challenge a whirl, would love to see every one's take on this fun sketch by Frances! I'll also be including my take on it as well on my personal blog :)

Happy Scrappin'!


Amanda Winchester said...

Sweet! I had wanted to give this a try and didn't get a chance last week. Might try and squeeze it in ;)

Rebecca said...

Me too! I ran out of time with some other deadlines, but I'll definitely get one in by weds :)

Lydia said...

Me three!! I am hopeing to get it done tonight!

Kim said...

Cant wait to see everyones take!

Frances said...

YAYYYY!!! Come on ladies, you can do it!!

Lydia said...

Ok got mine done!! Yeah!

Rebecca said...

Here is mine :)