August 9, 2011

Hello! Sj here

It is my turn on the blog today to show you some whimsy..
Before I do, I have to say, I love the whimsies, and I mean love. I am not just saying that because I am lucky enough to design for Stephanie either, I am genuinely in love with them. I have tried in the past many times to make things from clay - and they always always fail. I have no idea how Stephanie gets it right every time, but I am grateful that she does!
That said - I would like to share a recent layout I have made.
It is a Polaroid from about 1998... I think... I know I was at college, because, all the other Polaroids from this time are college Polaroids.. and too dodgy to upload lol!
Anyway - It is of my dear old pa. Who is notorious for his inability to be serious in photos.
I do however love this about him, as it shows his true personality and his desire to make us all smile all the time. Awwww, aren't dads brilliant!?
Talking of brilliant - here are two whimsy clouds..
I would say these are my favourite whimsy - but have you seen them all? Far too hard to choose!
I will be back with more soon!


scrapbookertink said...

LOL, super layout, love the fun pic.

krissie said...

I love Dad layouts! I think you did a great job and I love those clouds!!

take care, xoxo